Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sewing a pumpkin patch

Week two and we started class with a short book. These smart cookies guessed we were talking pumpkins well before the end of the story.

I asked which students had been to a local pumpkin patch and I think everyone raised their hand. And most boasted about veggie gardens at home. So fantastically Portlandia!

With pumpkins in mind, it was time to start sewing. Our activity turned out to be a challenge for many but I hope they enjoyed the process of learning the running stitch, the first step to making these little stuffed decorations. See, we had a mini pumpkin on hand for inspiration.

 With a bit more time I'm sure we can finish our pumpkin patch. Look how cute this felt pumpkin is!

 Thanks to Twig and Toadstool for this idea! Visit their blog for a complete tutorial.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tweet tweet: backyard bird feeders

I'm so excited to have Colorwheel back in session. Welcome to familiar faces from camp and students new to Colorwheel. This term, all of our activities will be inspired by autumn...this makes me think of brightly colored leaves, apples, pumpkins and the kids' favorite, Halloween!

Here in Portland, we have said goodbye to summer (boo) and the air is feeling cooler. If I were a bird, I would be flying south! Instead, fall is the perfect time to help birds prepare for cold weather. Not all birds migrate to warmer temperatures so providing a full feeder now will help those birds who are scouting for food in anticipation for winter. Feed them through fall and you'll continue to attract birds when winter hits and natural food is less available.

With this in mind, our first session had us crafting bird feeders from recycled milk cartons. Add paint, a popsicle stick roof, a dowel for a perch and a few handfuls of birdseed mix and we had a collection of colorful feeders ready for the new season.

 Happy bird watching!