Tuesday, June 21, 2011

¡Viva Mexico!

What a fantastic start to the week! Today we learned about Mexico and did a number of fun activities around this theme.

We welcomed 16 campers to our room and each child started the morning by drawing a small Mexico-inspired picture to stick to our world map. They spilled well into the USA and through Central America but you get the idea!

While the younger campers made paper plate maracas, the older children created tin ornaments, a traditional art form in Mexico.

Following an outdoor guacamole making session, we planted jalapeno plants, adding fresh coffee grounds to the soil.

A fun and messy session with paint and sparkly sequins produced a collection of festive sombreros.

We finished with an impromptu dance party...
 and weaving Ojos de Dios.

Whew, I need a siesta! See you tomorrow!

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