Thursday, June 23, 2011

G'day mates!

We traveled into the Outback today and I loved sharing the many details that make Australia so special for me. I've collected many Australian picture books over the years and we started the morning with one full of fun facts, reading several others throughout the day.

Our first project today was to paint Aboriginal dot paintings. Before getting out the paints, we took time to discuss the significance of this indigenous art form. Each of the different shapes and symbols in a dot painting have a meaning and are used to illustrate Dreamtime stories.

We incorporated Australian animals like the koala, emu, kangaroo and echidna and then decorated the page using the dot technique and adding in some of the traditional symbols.

The children worked methodically through this activity. Look at the looks of concentration!


We got some fresh air during a bush walk around Wilshire Park and the adventurous tried a Vegemite sandwich.

We painted didgeridoos, the ancient wind instrument developed by the Australian Aboriginals.

Using more dot painting and symbols...

Self portraits wearing cork hats to finish the day. Traditionally worn by jackaroos - Australian cowboys - in the outback, the swinging corks discourage insects from swarming around the wearer's head. Ace!

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